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How the system covered up tens of thousands of falsified drug tests – and how two teams of crusading lawyers exposed the wrongdoing


Between the day of Farak’s arrestand the fall of 2014, Ryan had made a dozen requests of the attorney general’s office to view those papers seized from her car. Court motions, subpoenas, e-mails, letters – long after his fellow lawyers gave up hope, Ryan kept plugging away. He was hopelessly blocked, though, by Anne Kaczmarek, the assistant attorney general who controlled the evidence…..

[At the hearing] Ryan called upon Kaczmarek.

He began by reading aloud to the court an e-mail she’d sent to Foster after Ryan had asked Foster to see the papers. “Why is that evidence relevant to his case? I really don’t like him,” Kaczmarek wrote back. Ryan let that sentence resonate a moment – then commenced to take her apart limb from limb.

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