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Beginning in 2017, the Massachusetts SJC ordered the dismissal of nearly 40,000 drug cases arising from the misconduct of two state chemists, Annie Dookhan at the Hinton Drug Lab and Sonja Farak at the Amherst Drug Lab. STRH, with co-counsel Fick & Marx LLP of Boston, has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of the wrongfully-convicted defendants.

More information about the class action lawsuit can be found here.

STRH has also filed a lawsuit on behalf of Rolando Penate, whose 2011 criminal case revealed not only the scope of Ms. Farak’s misconduct, but also constitutional violations perpetrated by other law enforcement officials from the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office, the Massachusetts State Police, and Springfield Police Department. Mr. Penate served more than five years in prison before his conviction was dismissed in 2017.

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