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Whether your criminal case ended in a conviction or a non-conviction, it started with an arraignment, which was entered onto your criminal offender record information (CORI). A CORI includes information such as your name, date of birth, last known address, arraignment, and disposition.

Even after the conclusion of a criminal case, a CORI may limit future opportunities. Despite a national trend to “Ban the Box” as a way to increase fairness to people with records of arrests or convictions, there is a persistent stigma. We have successfully petitioned courts to seal CORIs for non-convictions and filed paperwork with the Commissioner of Probation to administratively seal convictions. We have also identified situations that qualify under G.L. c.276, § 100E-100U for expungement and successfully petitioned for that extraordinary remedy.

Record sealing is something that considers the specific details of your record as well as your current circumstances and having an experienced attorney to shepherd you through the process is crucial.

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