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It took the jury just two hours to reach its verdict: Darrell Jones is not guilty.

For over three decades, Jones has insisted he didn’t kill Guillermo Rodriguez in a Brockton parking lot in 1985. But Jones served 32 years in state prisons before a judge overturned his conviction and ordered a new trial.

The judge found a key piece of evidence was doctored, and a WBUR investigation into the case uncovered racial bias among jurors.

The retrial concluded Tuesday in a Plymouth County courtroom. Jones listened as the verdict was read, then whispered, “Thank you.”

“There was never a question in my mind about Darrell’s innocence,” said Paul Rudof, Jones’ defense attorney. “There’s always a question about what a jury is going to do, but his innocence was so obvious to me, and I thought it should have been obvious to them, and eventually they came back and said the right words.”

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