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NORTHAMPTON – At the direction of Mayor David J. Narkewicz, a special prosecutor retained by the city to pursue a civil disorderly conduct charge against Jonas Correia has dropped the charge, ending a case that provoked public outrage when a video of Correia’s arrest by Northampton police went viral. . . .

The American Civil Liberties Union took the case, with the assistance of Northampton lawyer Luke Ryan. William C. Newman with the ACLU said the organization believes Correia was arrested trying to exercise his right to free speech.

“The ACLU of Massachusetts took on this case because it is important to understand that excessive force happens in every community, and because a person exercising his First Amendment right to videotape the police should not risk being arrested or charged with a crime,” Newman said.

Ryan said the resisting arrest charge was dropped after the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office reviewed the video.

Ryan said Correia is happy to have his legal troubles behind him.

“It was a dark cloud hanging over his head,” he said. “He’s gratified the process has been resolved.”
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