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Firm Founded

Arthur Serota began a solo law practice in the Court Square Building, Springfield, MA.

Katz Joins
Katz Joins

Alan Katz joined Arthur Serota and they formed a partnership dedicated to the tireless advocacy of marginalized criminal defendants, overlooked victims of civil rights violations, and those disregarded casualties of employment discrimination.

Sasson Joins

Howard Sasson joined the firm and expanded its practice areas to include personal injury, medical malpractice, and lead paint litigation. The firm continued to deepen its roots in criminal defense and civil rights work.

Hoose Joins

David Hoose joined the practice after three years as staff attorney in the Springfield office of the Massachusetts Defenders Committee.

Serota Retires
Serota Retires

Arthur Serota retired from the practice of law and founded the United Movement to End Child Soldiering The mission of the organization is to “support secondary school and higher education for children and youth affected by conflict and poverty, together with school-based peace education and guidance and counseling programs, and help to build cultures of peace to prevent new wars.”

Turnbull Joins
Turnbull Joins

Cindy Turnbull joined the practice and ushered in a new emphasis on family law and work on behalf the gay and lesbian communities.

Bassett Joins

Pauline Bassett became a part-time associate and focused her energy on the rights of children and educational issues.

Katz Retires

Alan Katz retired from the practice of law to become the Executive Director of the Martin Luther King Charter School in Springfield, MA.

Ryan Joins
Ryan Joins

Luke Ryan joined the firm after completing a two-year clerkship with United States District Judge Michael A. Ponsor. Luke focuses his practice on criminal defense and civil rights litigation.

Turnbull Retires
Turnbull Retires

Cindy Turnbull left the practice of law for a well-deserved retirement.

Ryan Strehorn Joins

Molly Ryan Strehorn joined the firm after a solo practice focusing on criminal appeals. Howard Sasson passed the baton of firm management to Molly and retired from the practice of law to enjoy his numerous hobbies.

Celli, Schiff, Rudof Join

The firm name changed to its current version, Strehorn, Ryan & Hoose, the second law firm in Northampton to establish a brother/sister legal partnership after Ryan & Ryan hung out a shingle in 1976. Attorneys Melissa Allen Celli, Paul Rudof, and Ryan Schiff joined the firm, bringing decades of combined knowledge, experience, and expertise to the firm’s institutional knowledge and increasing the collaborative opportunities ahead.

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